Wednesday, February 14, 2018


While reviewing my blog for the year end totals, and trying to figure out when/if I blogged my coral socks, I realized that I had never blogged about my finished Estuary shawl. I had posted it on Instagram, but not here! I've been finding that happens a lot. I went back and edited my 2016 totals (yes, I made this shawl in 2016!), though the 67gr doesn't change things a lot, it did take it from a "more yarn in than out" year, to a "more yarn out than in" year. Barely. LOL. The cool thing is I could actually go back on my blog and find when I got this yarn! Apparently, it was March 2007! I tried working with it in November 2007, but wasn't happy with that project. Curlerchik and I have kept in contact, through blogging and then Instagram!

 These pictures were August 2015, at our favourite chip truck, which sadly disappeared. So I don't know exactly when I started the shawl, but it looks like I had a good chunk done here.

Apparently,  April 7 2016, I noticed a mistake, I had made a row with eyelets when there shouldn't have been. It's dead centre above, and off to the left below.

 Do you see them? I could not leave it. Rip Rip Rip.  I even blogged about the mistakes!
 I must have been really motivated to finished because by June 19 I had it finished and blocked.
 It's not a terribly wide "shawl", more scarf than shawl.

The colour reads more purple in sunlight. The pattern calls for fingering weight, and I think my yarn might have been more laceweight. I think I might have added a pattern repeat, but I'm not about to check it out now. It's a light, lovely little thing to wrap around the neck, or daintily over the shoulders with a sundress. Though I don't really do dainty.

I still have some of this yarn left over. I'm not sure how much but I don't think it's very much. Sometimes, you don't need to use up all the yarn. Sometimes it's nice to have a bit left, just as a keepsake.

Friday, February 02, 2018

2017 Knitting Totals

I'm so far behind in getting my yarn totals for 2017. I'm not sure if I even have all the data needed! Some of it might be estimated.  Edited to add a pair of socks I forgot about.

Two custom Christmas stockings: 200gr in, 150gr out, cost for the yarn, Aprox $10
Reyna Shawl: Araucania "Ranco Sock", 100gr (the amount left over was negligible)
Charcoal socks: 100gr
green Mittens: 84gr
Red scarves: 600gr
Water bottle holders (from February?!): 110gr
Campfire Cardigan: 615gr
Coral socks: 100gr

Wow, I kept forgetting things I hadn't blogged about yet!! I wonder if there's more?  I did just find out about a shawl I made in 2016 that I hadn't blogged about. I went back and edited 2016 totals, so now I'm editing these totals to reflect that.
So, all this added up to 200gr IN, $10, and 1859gr OUT. Let's add that to the last totals I had in 2017:

Yarn In: 2242gr + 200gr = 2442gr
Yarn Out:  3041gr + 1859gr = 4900gr
Balance: 2458gr more USED than bought
Costs:   $10 +$57.30= $67.30/365days = $0.18 per day  

Now, to be fair, my fabric purchases increased significantly last year. Though I am doing really well at buying and using  within a short period!

So, now I can do a comparison of the past six years:

                     2017                  2016                 2015                    2014                 2013              2012
Yarn In:      2442gr        11 223gr               9 989gr                 10 076            16 153           21 096
Yarn Out:    4900gr        11 260gr                9 272gr                  8 061            16 805           16 849
Balance:       2458-              37gr -              717gr +               2 015gr +        625gr -           4 247gr+
Costs:          $67.30          $507.27                 $430.10               $511.49         $378.91          $524.43

Six Year Totals:
Yarn In: 70, 979gr
Yarn Out: 67147gr
Balance:  3 832gr IN
Costs: $2 419.50

Six Year Averages:
Yarn In: 11, 829gr
Yarn Out:  11, 191gr
Balance: 639gr added each year
Cost per Day:$2419.50/ 2192 days = $1.10/day

A hobby (and small biz) that costs $1.10 per day? Seems like a bargain to me! I'm still pretty high on how much yarn has accumulated in the past 6 years, even though I see a decrease in my cubbies.  The average amount I'm adding each year was cut in half by this year's totals. I can't see myself using up 4000gr of yarn this year by just using the stash, but I'm certainly going to try! I see a lot of mittens and socks in my future!

Ummm...It almost looks like I gave up knitting this year!  Business was really slow, I did a lot more sewing, and I tried to shop from the stash. Then in October things got crazy busy.  I'm starting to find a balance now.  I haven't bought any yarn this year, though I have bought fabric. I discovered some Canadian fabric selling groups on Facebook! But I do work it up as soon as I can. I just haven't been able to blog much.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Where'd December Go?

My last blog post was November 15. Little did I know how my life was going to change!! In September, I got a Jury Duty Selection notice. I was to appear in the court on Nov 7 (my middle child's birthday). This totally stressed me out. I would need to miss my lunch supervisor job.   And I would need to pay for parking. So, that would essentially mean losing $24 a day. I was missing my job for the cruise, so to miss it again a month later, stressful. For the kids too. The supply supervisor was not very competent. Well, she could walk around, but that's all she did. The uncertainty of jury duty was also stressful. It could be one day, the whole week, several Monday's in a row, or an extended period of time. I was trying to find a job--what new employer wants to hire someone in that situation?

The week before the cruise, I saw two job postings in the newspaper for day cares. They were looking for ECE assistants, which after a bit of Googling, I saw that I could do.   I thought on it for a day and submitted my resume. Both centres wanted an interview--that week. I hadn't done a job interview in about 15 years. So on top of getting ready for the cruise (ie--sewing clothes, getting a hair cut ,dyeing my hair, waxing, LOL) I now had two job interviews! They seemed to go well and immediately upon my return from the cruise I had offers from both centres. It wasn't feeling right though. One was quite a distance and wanted a supply assistant and in January, and after school worker--which I couldn't do with Megan's after school activities. They also wanted a written commitment of at least six months. The other centre was similar, but much closer.  Even though I had  been really keen and excited, I had to let my intuition guide me.

While on the cruise, I found out my Dad started chemo and spent the (Canadian) Thanksgiving in ICU due to infections. Then later in October/early Nov my mom got tripped up by their dog and broke her wrist. The jury duty was still looming, and some people advised me to apply for a delay. The notice said simply to call the courthouse. Others had told me they submitted a letter. I wrote up a letter and called the number, I think it was the Thursday before I was supposed to attend. The court worker said to email her a letter and she'd present it to the judge. She got back to me quickly and thankfully they delayed my duty until July.  I finally felt like I could breathe again. A huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was looking forward to getting ready for my girls' birthdays and Christmas. That didn't last long1

 On November 13, I got an email with the subject heading "Are you interested in a secondary supply teaching interview with DDSB?".

I nearly fell off my seat.

I had finally put in my application just before school ended near the end of June. I knew they were doing interviews at that time and feared I had missed out. The VP mentioned in the early fall that they were doing more interviews. Back before the cruise, the kindie teacher I lunch supervise for showed me the letter of reference she wrote for the daycares and I nearly cried.  Finally knowing they valued and appreciated me was part of my decision to not take either of those jobs. I'd rather have 1 guaranteed hour a day where I'm known and valued, than random hours somewhere new.  Now I was facing the potential of leaving again. I knew I had the support of the staff though. My interview was Friday Nov 24.

I was nervous but had prepared as well as I could, considering I hadn't been a supply teacher for 17 years!  I had heard that I could be waiting a year for the interview, so I was just thrilled (at first) for the interview. I had also heard of candidates waiting weeks to find out the result. On the Tuesday after, while signing in at work, I got a call. She said I hadn't been successful for the daily supply list, but they wanted to offer me an emergency supply teacher position. She'd sent an email that day with details.

Wowszer! I didn't tell anyone at school yet. Went home, opened my emails, and there was one from HR saying I wasn't successful and I could apply again in A YEAR. Ugh. Then an hour later another one came about the emergency supply position. My sign up session would be that Friday, Dec 1. On Thursday, the ECE in the kindie room made a comment that I was theirs and to never leave them again. Uh oh, I said. I have some bad news. They were a little sad but happy for me too. I didn't know where I'd be placed but I thought maybe I could still keep doing lunch supervision--just have them call in the supply lunch supervisor on the days I got called.

I went to the sign up session on Friday and put on my form that I'd like to be at the school I'm already at. I knew they had an emergency supply teacher though, so I wasn't optimistic. I was just hoping for a school in the area!

Monday afternoon, I got an email telling me I got my school!! I had gone from parent and volunteer to part time staff (though sadly the lunch supervisors don't really get seen as staff), to an actual teacher at the school! This could be a hard adjustment, especially for the littler kids that knew me as "Miss Tracy".  I was all excited to tell everyone at the school the next day at lunch. Then I got a call in the morning asking if I could come in for the afternoon! I didn't have any of my old resources together yet! My kindie teachers didn't even know. What would I wear?! Especially since I was going to supervise kindies at lunch first.

Although I was off to a great start, I knew of other EST who barely worked. I needn't have worried! That first week, I called for the first half day, and then three full days (I could only do a half day on the last day). The next two weeks saw me working 2 to 3 days each week. Mostly in the French Immersion classes, which was quite an interesting experience, as well as learning the new technologies in the classroom.

The week before Christmas break, Rob had taken off from work. He booked it before I started working. He'd never taken that week off before. He had wanted to spend the week together doing Christmas prep. He was left to do much of it himself. Suddenly, I had an income, but no time to go gift shipping. LOL.

So, that's what's been up the past month and a half.  I have been knitting--I did get a Christmas stocking order and I did do some sewing, as well as helping Lucy make Pajamas for her friend. I've been sewing a lot since Boxing Day-- I got a new rotary cutter and cutting mat and they've made working so much easier. Plus, I got this Bluetooth keyboard and Megan got a phone, so I got my iPad back and can now blog while watching TV. Though I can't access my photos until I get to the desktop. I don't have any photos to add to this post though LOL. I did wear that dark blue dress I made for the interview :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lago Tank

A few days before we left for our cruise, I realized that I didn't have many tank tops to take. I had lots of dresses and planned to wear them most of the time, but sometimes you need a tank and shorts. I had t-shirts for the shorts, but not tanks! What was I thinking! I looked around the internet. There is a free one at and I really liked it, but I didn't think I had time to fuss with cutting extra pieces for the band and the colour blocking lace. The only lace yardage I had was bright salmon, and my colours for the trip were blue, white, and beige. I didn't have much time, or money, to go out shopping. I was also concerned because that one is more racerback and even though I have those bra clips, I didn't want to have to fuss. I kept looking around the internet and found the Lago Tank from Itch to Stitch. I  thought it looked like a great option. Good coverage, free, lots of possibilities with colour blocking.

Then I thought, I could do a simple lace panel up the back. The wide lace "trim" stuff. I opted not to for the first tank though. I used the same striped fabric as Hugh's shirt. I had the same issues. How to cut it when it's super stretchy!  I tried it on, and it was a shapeless sack. I had made the size 12, but shortened the upper straps and took some out in the body length. It looks like I shortened the body in two spots. Her patterns are drafted for someone 5'6". I'm 5'1". Much of that shortness is in my upper body. Since I shortened it above the armholes, I couldn't use the band measurements given. I tried measuring and doing math. Then I just sewed them on, pulling a "bit" of tension on the bands.

I know this picture is totally not styled, and is a bad selfie, but still.
I look like I have NO bust! But look at that stripe matching!! I took it in under the arm several times (was that before or after the band?). This fabric stretches, but I don't think it has good recovery.
 I did wear it on the cruise. This was the last sea day. So, obviously it wasn't my favourite!

The next one I made was white cotton-lycra (5%). I used this fabric  for a white t-shirt I was also taking. I bought some white stretch lace "trim" and did a simple panel up the back. I quite liked it! I played with  the idea of doing a bright colour, or even blue, but I'm glad I stuck with white.

 Hubby was having difficulties with being my photographer
 Yeah, that's a nice shot of one boob. Thanks hun.

For the third tank, I used a rayon maxi shirt from Wal-Mart, that I picked up at Value Village. I went with dark blue lace for it. This I wore in Aruba when we went walking around.
 Oh, I did wear the blue striped sack one other time. When we went on a "mini Jeep" excursion. Fun. But I got soooo sweaty. I don't think anything would have prevented that though.
 Here's a close up of the scalloped edge of the white lace trim. I top stitched the lace, but you really don't see the scallops. Lace yardage would have been fine.
 The blue section went pilly when I washed it. I also did a tiny, tiny hem, and it's totally flipped up now.  When we were disembarking, I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt in what looked like this fabric. I wonder if Wal-Mart sold matching t-shirts, or if she also refashioned a skirt!
I really liked the lace "colour blocking" on the back. It adds a nice touch without a lot of extra work. Just elevates it up a notch. I will definitely be making more of these tanks as that's an area of my wardrobe that has been neglected. Plus, I bought some white linen shorts for the trip, and "everything" goes with white! Except more white, of course.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Lovesick Bra

When I first heard of this pattern, I knew I had to make it. I wish I could even remember where I heard of it! You know how it goes on the interesting site leads to another.... I wasn't totally happy with the free lace one at So Sew Easy and didn't want to fuss with it to get it my size. The lace one I made Lucy--oh wait, I haven't blogged it yet! You can see it on instagram. I know it's going to take a couple tries to get the right size. And I really wanted something simple and cool for the cruise. I thought this bra would make a good bikini pattern, so that was my "muslin".

 I used this fabric which was sold as swimsuit fabric but feels like cotton lycra. I loved the bikini I made for Lucy with it. I made the DD/E cup and the L(12) band. I scooped the back lower, but I didn't think about the fact I should make the straps longer. Usually straps are too long on me, but this time they were too short. It's not bad though--it just makes the back pull up where they attach, rather than a nice smooth line. I used the video tutorial from Ohhh LuLu! for the straps. I used swimsuit lining for the inside.
 The front centre seam does not lay flat and a small discussion on the George & Ginger FB group didn't really help to clear up whether it should or not. I kept oscillating between needing a larger cup, or needing it smaller at that seam. I didn't think either was right. I felt I clearly needed all the volume the cup gave, and maybe even more to wrap around the inside of the breast to meet at my breastbone. But I didn't know if that would fix it, or if it would still sit away from my chest.
I finally decided to curve that centre seam inwards towards the top of the cups, adding 1/4" to the bottom of the cups and almost 1/2" to the top edge between the centre and the strap part. I found on the first one, the angled part where you sew the strap too didn't really show well so I made this one straighter. But I realize now that the flat edge should be angled in the pattern so when you sew the dart, it angles it upwards. Hard to explain. I also went with a L(10) for the back piece and L(12) for the band. I reasoned that if the tops of the centre cups were higher, then my cleavage wouldn't show so much and it wouldn't matter that each breast isn't fully cupped and meeting at the centre.
 I was feeling particularly bloated this day! I also couldn't get the dart points to be flat! I was using wicking jersey from the diaper making days and bathing suit mesh/power mesh (or net?) inside. I saw that the fabric wrinkled on the sides,  so I reattached the band at the sides and took that bit off.
 I used wide stretch lace for the straps. I cut it narrow and folded over the inside edge with elastic. I only had swimsuit elastic which has a beige tint to it, so it kind of looks dirty. But overall I like it! It's super comfortable.
 Hubby had a lot of issues with being my photographer. He gets distracted easily.

He can't believe I was going to put this on my blog. Well, I told him I wouldn't put that picture on, but the others? Sure. Why not! Flat Lay pictures are nice for details and shape, but there's nothing like seeing a pattern on a REAL person. Keeping it real here folks.

 Trying out flat lay photos. I liked this shot but it's not getting many likes on Instagram.
 I wore the bikini top as a bra too. Fun! Though I suppose it just looked like a bikini top under my tank top, since we were on a cruise ship.
For some reason my husband likes to take angled pictures of me. Maybe it makes me look taller?

 You can see here how the back pulls up at the straps. I had drafted the back so it sloped down from the side seam to about 1/3 across and then straight to the centre (and mirrored). It seems okay though.  I wore it under my clothes when we did an off road four wheeling adventure.  We were told we were going to a beach without any amenities. We finally got there and it was several different resorts along this beach, with bathrooms and outdoor showers. It was an interesting excursion that went two hours longer than we were told!
I wore it on the trip home from the cruise. This happened during lunch at the Miami airport! It went through the shirt and onto the bra. Luckily I had another top in my carryon. Oh well. It was shockingly, the only time I did that on the entire trip! It was so comfy for travel! I want to make more! Maybe even in lace?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Blue Dress

I don't think I have any long sleeve dresses. Even a short sleeve seems to be in short supply in my closet. I don't always want to wear a cardi; sometimes I just want sleeves. When I've tried to layer sleeveless over a long sleeve shirt (or any shirt), it looks to me like I've layered a shirt underneath. Or I must be Mormon or Conservative Christian.

Simplicity 3835 has two dress versions with sleeves. But I wasn't sure about that wide neckband, especially if the fabric wasn't 100% super drapey. Bright pink choir robe, anyone?  There's no reason to not just finish the neck like the shirt--it uses the same pieces as the dress with the neckband. Which means the dress's neckband makes the neckline a bit higher. The sketch on the envelop shows all three views as having the same neck height, but that's just not the case in real life (click the label Simplicity 3835 on the right to see the other versions). I do not like high necklines. I need the contrast of skin and fabric to break up the mountain view.

 I have had this blue crinkle forever. I don't know where I got it, so it must have been when the kids were little LOL. There is a LOT, though it's not particularly wide. I wanted to flare the dress out more than the pattern, but was a bit limited on the front.

I got all the pieces cut (grrr...shifty gauze) and got to work. And then found out I'm missing the second instruction page. The one with the instructions on the sleeve ties. Of course, because I've never done that before. I looked and looked at it. I inspected pictures on and blogs but I couldn't quite figure out the actual steps. I was just going to sew it right sides together, but I knew that was wrong because it would leave the seam allowance showing on the inside. Slide it on and top stitch?! I expanded my Google search, and found a tutorial that clicked with me. Suddenly it all made sense.

The ties weren't the most symmetrical because of poor cutting, but they're good enough. 
I added a pocket but you can see how it's sloped LOL. Why is it so hard? The dress does have a habit of sliding back on my shoulders, making the front a little short. I didn't do a FBA, just cut the larger size from the armholes down. I probably should do the FBA one of these times. 
 I'm not sure if I shortened the bodice. I don't think I did for the tops, but looking at this rearview, I think I should have. The darts add nice shaping, but I  think they're a little low.
 Side view isn't too bad, but I'll bet getting the dart a bit higher would make my tush look rounder

The girls said this dress would be good for supply teacher--it's a long wait just to get an interview. But I needed a long necklace. I had none, so I went shopping at Ardene's. They actually didn't have too much, but I liked this one.
 I wore it on the cruise. I think this was the second formal night but I don't remember off hand. There's some issue with the date stamp on my camera so I had to get all the photos organized. I had my phone and two different cameras going! We drank none of that wine beside us. It was just where the area sommelier kept her wine bucket.
 The photo above was with flash, which shows me better, but this one was without flash and shows the dining room better. It also shows "Kevin" at the table behind me. He was a hoot.
It was pretty easy to set up the camera self timer in the cabin, though it wasn't the most scenic location LOL.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Hello November

I just scrolled back to see what I needed to get caught up on....and wow. I didn't post at all in October!! First, I was super busy finishing up things for our big anniversary cruise (I posted lots on Instagram), and then we were gone for 12 days, and then it was full on Hallowe'en costume creation. But let's get this blog back up to date!! Lots of sewing posts ahead, one crochet post, maybe two knitting posts....

First up. Two sleeveless blouses. I found this flowy blue-ish fabric remnant and figured it was rayon. It was only 0.9m and marked to $12.83 though because of my Fabricland Premier card, I got 50% off, so with tax, it came to $7.25. I was looking for a fabric that would go with blue shorts, white shorts, blue pants and blue capris. An abstract/floral print was perfect. I washed it up and decided to test out  Simplicity 3506. It'd been in my collection for awhile. It's hard to see in the pictures, but there is a bit of yoke detail on the shirt. I traced out size 16 and decided to do a FBA for real, instead of my cheating of doing a larger size from the armhole down. It took awhile to figure it out, and I did way too much work in the end (I made a dart, rotated the dart and then took out the dart). In the tracing process, and transferring to the slippery rayon, the subtle shaping on the yoke pieces pretty much disappeared.

 Not sure what this was showing but I think it had to do with the yoke. Oh, actually, I think I sewed the yoke to the back with wrong sides together. Further adding to the issue with it losing it's shaping.

 I'm not going to the trouble of editing all these photos. It might be hard to see it, but I felt the neckline didn't come out too exact, being slippery rayon, so I opted to make a band and tie. I made the band pretty tiny though, by the time it got all folded and pressed. It does hide the bottom of the V though.
 I liked it, though I wasn't happy with how the gathers on the yoke drooped over towards the armhole. It created a fold of fabric over the outer bust. I figured it was my sloppy cutting and marking of the notches, so I tried to be super careful on the next one.
 I wore it on a sunset catamaran cruise in Aruba. OMG, that was the greatest excursion. Made so much fun by meeting the girl behind The Mutt Hutt. And her fiance. And the open bar. The shirt was nice and cool though in the extreme heat times it did stick to me a little. It didn't get worn as much as I thought it would because I just had too many clothes with me of course.
 I decided I needed a white shirt that wasn't a t-shirt and that this pattern would be fine. It's an eyelet cotton my MIL gave me when a friend of her's cleaned out her house. I tried to be super careful with the yokes, and moved the gathers right up to the neckline, but it still droops over the outer bust. I think if the V neck was taken in a bit, it would really help. If you draw a line straight down from the yoke, it just ends up on the outer portion of the bust. I'll keep looking to see if I have a full picture. Also, I did have some issue with my front and back pattern lengths not quite the same after the FBA. Must correct that before the next one.
This time I did the facings. It wasn't too bad. I need to tack them down at the shoulder seams though.

I eliminated the zipper in both tops.

I may or may not make this pattern again. Hard to say. I really need tops with sleeves now, so it won't be anytime soon. I also like the dress version.